Some ones which can cause trouble to others is what I call social nit-pickers.  Not nit-pickers which are social, but people behaving as nit-pickers towards the private lives of others.  At best they recurrently complain about not everyone following their habits.  At worst they demand everything from everyone regardless of ability or the conditions of their lives.  These varying at all don’t seem to occur to them.

Such individuals certainly assert the demands they make are “normal”.  The problem is normality does not consist of only one thing.  It is instead a range of things which may have quite large variation.  Furthermore, it is inevitable that some fall outside the normal range of variation.  Such individuals are not capable of living up to normal requirements.  To blame them for it is blaming certain others for their human errors and shortcomings.

Social nit-pickers live in the belief that their own personal habits are the best for every single human.  In reality it does not work like that.  Apart from the existence of conflicting goals different individuals have different needs.  This also applies biologically which some seem to have trouble grasping.  In other cases people can’t afford or don’t have time or energy for what is required.  I also fin it idiotic to deny what others perceive.  For some what others demand can in fact be perceived as unbearable.  So why would this be the best for them?  Then you have to live in denial of other people’s point of view.

The attitudes of some social nit-pickers I find outright destructive.  People who are born different should not be allowed to in any way express how they as individuals genuinely are.  Apart from the issue of individual ability this destroys the lives statistical outliers.  Is it worth upholding the illusion of these characteristics being entirely avoidable?  As a sensible utilitarian my answer is absolutely no.  Some short-lived uneasiness is not worth the lifelong suffering of others.  The later seem to be unknown or denied by social nit-pickers.

By the way, why would it be necessary for everyone to do exactly the same thing?  It is one thing to follow traffic regulations for the safety of oneself and others.  Another thing is to demand everyone who can cope with everyday life to follow exactly the same habits.  Why would we need that?  To me diversity is not a threat but a fact of life.  There being people different from oneself is something you have to learn to handle.


Uploaded on the 3rd of May 2023.