It means different people wanting different things.  Of cause, it happens people want the same thing.  But you can’t presuppose this to always to be the case.  If I understand it correctly it is inevitable that people can have different desires.  This does not necessarily mean we have to fight about it.  Instead, we have to learn to compromise on different issues.

What is best for a person does not have to be the best for another.  This applies even within the family.  One problem with denying this is the definition of “family” varying between different societies.  Moreover, everyone is related to everyone if you go far enough back.  So why is the best for one person not the best for everyone?  Because it varies individually!

The first conflicting goal payed attention to is the one between employers and employees.  The employer wants their employees to work as much as possible for as little pay as possible.  The employees want to work as little and get as much pay as possible.  This problem can be solved through negotiation between organised employees and employer(s).  Then you avoid strike and lockout.

A conflicting goal you might not think about is the one between buyer and seller.  Sellers want to sell low-quality things expensively.  Buyers want to buy high-quality things inexpensively.  A simple solution is there being several ones offering similar goods and services.  However, you have to ask if it works in practice.  In some cases it don’t.  If competition does not work, it is better having the state or local government offering the goods or services.  Then rules of what is offered to what price is also needed.  Otherwise, you could as well have monopolies without consideration of the buyers’ desire.

Please note that conflicting goals are basically about people’s social position compared to each other.  Biological descent only matters if it leads to a particular position in society.  In societies where this is often the case goals and descent are easily confused.  Which leads to a lot of prejudice regarding what other people want.  But everyone of a certain decent does not in fact want the same thing.  Instead, you have to find this out in each and every case.

It is the same thing with one’s religion.  Just because one has a minority religion one is not an imperialist.  Some members of that religion might dream of world domination.  However, it is statistically uncommon for someone have such dreams.  That religion’s world domination will never be reached.  At least not in the way these persons imagine.  It is just a pipedream based on severe misconceptions about how humans in general work.  The methods they imagine are doomed to fail.


Uploaded on the 30th of Mars 2023.