In the last blog posts, I have explained some thoughtless ideas:

1. Hierarchism is the belief that the best for someone is also the best for everyone he or she has power over.

2. The myth of ill will is the belief that people would do things just for the heck of it.

3. The myth of universal ability is the belief that everyone can do everything one is used to demand oneself.

4. The myth of homogenous evilness is the belief that a group consists of bad people.

5. The unexpanded circle is when one only cares about one’s narrowly defined group.

Far too many people in the world still believes in these.  In Africa and Asia, it is normal for individuals in positions of power to believe in such ideas.  I also suspect they are widespread in parts of Latin America.  Anyway, these ideas are having devastating consequences for others.  Individuals with lower social status can be forced to pay with their lives for them.  Then I mean women, children, members of the lower classes and statistical outliers.  All these risks a premature death due to belief in the ideas above.  Examples of causes of death are:

• Blood loss or infection after having larger or smaller part of your external genitals cut off.  This is done to make it easier for others to exploit the person.

• Cardiovascular disease as a result of constant stress and chronical sleep deprivation.  The person has simply been forced to work him- or herself to death.

• Executions (also extrajudicial ones) for things you have not done.  It is just taken for granted the person caused the event.

From childbirth due to a too narrow birth channel.  Either because she is too small or because she survived severe genital mutilation.

• Killing as revenge for refusing to accept being treated as a disposable product.  The killers take their own right for granted to one-sidedly exploit the person.

• Killing by others as punishment for things one can’t help.  It is just taken for granted the person can avoid it entirely.

• Killing of strangers which happen to be in the wrong place in the wrong time.  These victims are ascribed intentions which these individuals don’t have.

• Suicide because you are constantly told what a bad person you are.  The “bad” characteristics can’t be replaced no matter of how much you want it.

• Violence in the form of overuse of physical punishment.  The perpetuator imagines him or herself to get rid of something by physically punishing the person.

• Workplace accidents resulting from lack of judgement.  The person either suffers from sleep deprivation or has never learned to judge such things.

Moreover, the rich and powerful show a badly self-centred view of ethics.  These individuals think they themselves should be allowed to do exactly whatever they want.  However, no-one else should be allowed to.  This is an attitude born out of abuse of positions of absolute power.  But behaving as if rules were for others is not socially accepted in the Western world today.  At least I don’t think particularly many accept it.

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of such things in the US.  Maybe not only caring about your clan or tribe.  However, it is regularly reported of strangers being killed as imaginary threats.  Also, there are recorded cases of working to death, punishing to death and driven do suicide.  Results of placing oneself above the law also regularly turn up.  The question is why people continues to believe in the myths listed above.  It seems like the rest of the Western world have left such ideas behind them.  At least the high degree forms which are directly lethal to others.


Uploaded on the 28th of April 2023.