Something really frustrating me is accusing others of lying.  This only because they express something else than the accusing person wants to hear.  To me this appear as if one lacks basic insight into others.  How is it possible in a society where everyone have got the chance to get to know one’s fellow beings?  Or had they become so over-parented they can’t cope with normal difference of opinions?  Some denies the existence of problems not to have to deal with them.

Now there are people with a defiance in imagination.  Such individuals have hard to imagine that things could be completely different than what they have experienced themselves.  This cause trouble in their contact with people genuinely different from themselves.  They then get trouble grasping that others could have completely different experiences.  However, this is not the same as ignorance of the existence of other points of view.  They would reasonably have experienced themselves that others have different opinions.  So one still has to consider misconception instead of accusing of lies.

It is one thing to overestimate how normal one is.  Another thing is not considering the possibility of someone else in fact being different from oneself.  Everyone which has not isolated themselves on the Net can be presupposed to have a circle of acquaintances.  Then I mean different people one regularly comes into contact with face to face.  Would you accuse them of lying just because they express a different opinion?  Presumably, you would not do that in such a situation.  So why not apply this approach to individuals you have never met?  Why would your particular circle of acquaintances be the only exception from the rule?  It not that a little too egotistic?

Everyone has their own unique combination of thoughts, emotions and habits.  In this context it means mental processes are different.  But it does not have to mean they would be worse.  Oftentimes people don’t get the same information either.  Even if they get this, they will perceive it differently.  I call this the principle of individuality.  This has to be seriously considered instead of accusing strangers for being paid to lie.


Uploaded on the 9th of November 2023.