Emergence is when a phenomenon arises by itself.  This is about interactions between the different parts of the phenomenon and the surrounding environment.  As such there is no intention behind as some presupposes.  I still don’t believe there are any divine interventions.  Instead I think claimed such are about human misjudgement.

The origin of the heavenly bodies are a matter of the laws of physics and chemistry.  Interactions between atoms and molecules have given rise to the raw materials.  Gravity have then formed galaxies, stars, planets, moons and so on.  Also the first form of geology is based on physics and chemistry.  After life arose on Earth it have of cause affected geology.  However, the origin of life is about chemistry too.  Moreover, the role of life in geology is a matter of by-products of different processes.

The results of evolution consists good examples of emergence.  More complex life-form arise and take over different environments.  Some animals get better at learning and solving problems.  Animals living in groups evolve the ability to cooperate.  The only intention needed is single individuals’ desire to pass their genes on.  The rest is the result of interactions between life-forms and their environments.  More than these are not needed.

Developments of human societies are for the most part explained by emergence.  Agriculture arose without anyone keeping track of this entire process.  Same applies to the population growth which dependence of agriculture lead to.  Formal leadership and later states arose as a reaction to population growth.  Above all the deficiencies of societies are mostly about unwanted by-effects.  This applies to the processes making societies less complex too.  Civilisations collapse because of deforestation and soil erosion.  Changed weather patterns also matter.  Although deforestation affects weather patterns it is not something humans plan.  Like soil erosion it is the result of many individuals and groups acting independently of each other.  Nobody wanted the civilisation to collapse but it still ended up this way.


Uploaded on the 25th of January 2024.