Many flat-earthers claim the round Earth to be a hoax by the Freemasons.  How long to they think the Freemasons have existed, maybe 3,000 years?  I would rather say 300.  Then I am talking about a non-governmental organisation without connection to literal masons.  One such was founded in England in 1717 by four groups which called themselves “lodges”.  It is unclear if any of the founders had previously been invited to any of the mason guild meetings.  If not their earlier history is something they themselves have made up.

Anyway, the Freemasons had nothing to do with the origin of science.  When this organisation was founded the methods of science had been developed for more than a hundred years.  Not only is the idea of a round Earth traceable back to Antiquity.  The basics of how the round Earth works others had already found out.  One does not need a central organisation for that.

Likewise, space agencies are far too young to be able to fake all of space.  They simply did not exist when the basics of space was presented.  Neither is there one space agency but different for different countries:

• The Chinese space agency of CNSA was not founded until 1993.

• The French space agency of CNES was founded in 1961.  It later became part of ESA which formed in 1975.

• The Indian space agency of ISRO was founded as early as 1969.

• The Japanese space agency of JAXA was founded as late as 2003.

• The Russian space agency of Roscosmos was formed in 1992 from the remains of the Soviet Union’s space agency.  The later had been founded in 1956.

• The American space agency of NASA was founded in 1958.

Neither does space agencies have anything to do with ground-based telescopes.  They are as a rule run by universities which are independent of the government.  Unfortunately, the idea of separate organisations seems unimaginable to some people.  Do the organisations work with the same thing it is taken for granted to be the same.

To all flat-earthers I want to ask the following questions.  Do you in all seriousness believe that what little of science you know about is the only thing to exist?  Is it limited enough so it could be forged?  To me who has an interest in science this appear completely absurd.  Not only are the relevant science divided into several areas.  Each of these areas occupies at least tens of thousands of scientists.  In some cases, it is more than a hundred thousand.  Of cause, they can be wrong about single details.  However, I don’t think they could be wrong about the existence of what they study.


Uploaded on the 7th of November 2023.